ATXBladeS800 8 Nodes PC Blade Enclosures

design for 19" rackmount cabinet

8 Node PC blade Enclosures
8 Node PC blade Enclosures
* Motherboard not included


Blade systems are the newest generation computing platform which utilizing super compact design based on proprietary architecture to achieve higher performance and manageability. There are two types of blade system available on the market. The high-end version offers best of the class management features and full redundancy for the hardware. The low-end version offers the maximum amount of computing power with the least amount of management features and redundancy using a standard PC.

ATXBalde PC blade enclosures combines the best of high end blade system and low end PC system in to a compact, flexible le, and affordable high performance PC blade system platform. Our ATXBlade PC blade enclosures utilize the industrial ATX form factor standard as our computing platform. There are several advantages for using ATX form factor. First, our customers are not locked into a proprietary design. Proprietary parts are expensive to maintenance and expensive to replace. In addition, special parts usually require longer lead-time and longer down time. With standard parts, you can get parts almost anywhere sale computer parts. That means shorter down time and lower cost of ownership.

ATXBladeS800 works with standard ATX, microATX, ITX and EATX motherboard available on the market.. As long as your motherboard is using ATX, MATX, ITX or EATX form factor, you can use it in our ATXBladeS800 Blade enclosures. That means that you can build your PC blade system based on the newest generation I3, I5 and i7 processors and chipset.


  • Rendering Farm
  • Private Cloud
  • HPC

Order Info

Description Price Buy
ATXbladeS800 complete 8 PC Blade nodes and housing unit. $2750.00 Buy
ATXblade RB800 PC Blade Chassis W/ 400 Watts Power Supply. ( Housing not included) $325.00 Buy
S800 8U Housing unit w/ (6) 120mm exhaust fan and power supply $550.00 Buy

Technical Info

  • toolless installation for PC Blade chassis
  • Motherboard I/O ports accessing from front
  • Power connector accessing form front
  • Support up to 8 PC blade in 8U housing
  • Support 2 Post and 4 Post open frame rack
  • Support all MicroATX, Standard ATX, Micro ITX and E-ATX motherboard.

Blade Chassis
  1. Primary 7.5mm DIN Rail (Removable).
  2. Optional 7.5mm DIN Rail.
  3. 12 Cable tie bridges.
  4. 1U 19" Rackmount.

Blade + Housing
up to 12" x 13" (304mm x 330mm)
Mini ITX, Micro ATX, Standard ATX and E-ATX
2 x 3.5" Full Height, or 4 x 2.5" (require optional bracket)
1 x Expansion slot (Depends on motherboard)
1.75" 1U (heatsink + cooling fan)
6 x 120mm exhaust fan with build in power supply for housing unit
400 Watts ATX auto sensing PS
8U Rack Space
Cold Roll Steel
Chrome or Zinc plated
484mm(19.055") x 358.50mm(14.11") x 758.80mm(29.874")
180 lb (include blade and housing)
Limited 1 Year Warranty. Parts and Labor

Description Files
1 S800 blade 2D Autocad Dimension Layout PDF
2 S800 blade 3D PDF (360 degree view) PDF
3 S800 Housing 2D Autocad Dimension Layout PDF
4 S800 Housing 3D PDF (360 degree view) PDF

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