Our Custom Modification, Design & Manufacture service has grown to become a core part of our business. As one of the leading provider of rackmount enclosures and accessories, we also provide full engineering support and fabrication service for a range of industries. With over 20+ years of industrial system and enclosures design experiences, we specializes in providing industrial solutions from concept to completion.

Capabilities -    

Custom product design and solution development
Engineering / custom design services
Custom modification of existing design
Rapid Prototyping parts
Product assembly and packaging

Below are services we offer to our customer.

Development -
Upon completion of the initial sketch, our engineer will then start to concentrate on the more technical aspects of your concept. During this process, we make sure your product will have proper functionality and that it can be built as designed. We achieve that by utilizing the state of the art technology to virtual fit our design digitally. This approach will save a lot of time and money in later stages.
Prototype -
Prototype stage is particularly helpful as it gives you’re a true sense and size of your product. Touching and seeing a prototype unit is very different from how you visualize it from technical drawing. Very often, what works on paper does not work in reality. Prototype also helps to identify problem spots in our design which we might not detect in our digital testing environment. It is a necessary step to fine turn your product before move on to full production. Once the prototype sample is approved, we can move on to full production.
Production -
To ensure we can fulfill your order, we works with only the most reliable and innovative partners locally. Our production service include procurement, incoming inspection, sub assembly, final QC inspection and packaging depends on your project needs. We work very close with our local partners and transportation partners to ensure that your product is delivered on time and on budget.  Typically production lead time is 5 to 6 weeks ARO.

Just let us know what you need, we can have a print available for review in 1 to 2 weeks.

You can contact us at custom@iaenclosures.com or call at (516) 997-5050. We will be glad to help.