ATXBLADE-H-3FANBST-KIT 5U Booster Fan Tray for RB100 , RB800 and RB500 Enclosurse

Fan Tray
Model# Description Price
ATXBLADE-H-3FANBST-KIT 5U 6x120mm Fan Tray with power supply. $349.00 BUY
ATXBLADE-H-3FAN-KIT 5U 3x120mm Fan Tray with power supply. $199.00 BUY


Proper cooling keeps your equipment running at optimal performance and extends product’s life cycle. ATXBLADE-H-3FAN-KIT is design for special high-performance application that requires a lot of air flow. Its modular design allows you to customize your cooling solution. It is design primary for ATXBlade enclosures. We can also utilize its modular design to custom build a mounting bracket for your application need.

Rack Extender

Need More Air

ATXBLADE-H-3FAN comes in two different configurations. In the standard 3 fan configuration, each fan can generate 124.18 CFM air flow. Each fan tray gives you up to 372 CFM of air flow with static pressure at 8.2 mm/H O. If you need more static pressure, ATXBLADE-H-3FANBST-KIT offers stacked 6 fan configuration. This gives higher static pressure. .


Double Stack 3 Fan Configuration
120MM 12V DC Fan
372 CFM
215.30mm x 432.50mm x 118.10mm (8.47" x 17.02" x 4.65")
48W x2 Autosensing 110-220 power supply
9 LB
Limited 1 year warranty

Technical Document

Description Download
1 ATXBLADE-H-3FANBST Dimensional Drawing. PDF
2 ATXBLADE-H-3FAN Dimensional Drawing. PDF
3D STEP and DWG files available upon request. Need major or minor modification? Call for detail.

Application Note

Ideal for Automation, Process Control, Testing Equipment, Clean room, Elevator Control, Solar and Wind Energy industry.